The Oregon Mortgage Association appreciates the dedication of its members, volunteers and directors. Below is a list of our mortgage professionals who have served as President of the organization.

Year(s)             President's Name

1995-96           David Shirk

1996-98           Barbara J. Davis         

1998-99           Todd J. Williams, CMC

1999-2000       David E. Kroger, CMB

2000-01           Rodney J. Craig

2001-02           Milt Cheever, CMC

2002-03           Christopher A Berry

2003-04           David Dahle

2004-06           Joseph Camarena       

2006-08           Cristie J. Stevens      

2008-09           Thomas R. Hendrickson, CMB

2009-10           Lana F. Strom

2010-12           Andrew W. Harris, CRMS     

2012-13           Curtis J. VanderZanden

2013-14           Matthew D. Jolivette

2014-15           Chris Bettis

2015-16           John Forsythe

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